Sometimes text can be better than video because the written word is often more efficient and direct than video. This is why we text message more than we video chat; text is simply more practical. An alphabetic or textual timeline of content is much easier to digest, highlight, and reference than a video sequence where every second is made up of at least 24 different images and packed with audio. Text slows things down for us and forces visual focus.

The reference article “Funny Things To Ask Alexa” is an example of where text is supreme over video. The millions of readers on this article want commands or prompts for Alexa, and they want to view the full spectrum of questions, immediately, scanning and picking out what is most relevant for them at their own pace. So when we went about designing the visuals for the article — we worked with actors Christy Soeder and Brian Sandstrom — to not convey information, but excitement and humor about Alexa.