Human Emotions

In June, God & Man Studios produced two educational photography shoots. The first shoot was with model Ashley Chew and the objective of the series was to capture visual representations of the six basic emotions and facial expressions all humans, according to psychologist Paul Ekman, exhibit. These expressions are a state of happiness, disgust, anger, fear, surprise, and sadness. Often when articles talk about these six states they use stock photography or hand-drawn illustrations that don’t quite capture the full humanness of these emotive moments. Central to our mission, then, was to depict the states in a way that was entirely real and authentic. You can see the all the photo from series here, and also learn more about how human process emotions internally and externally through their facial expressions.

We also did a light-hearted shoot that illuminated the range of funny facial expressions that human face can make with model Siena Canales. View all the funny faces on Thought Catalog alongside some tongue-in-cheek copy.