In Preparation of Halloween, Witches and Witchcraft Images

Behind the scenes of our witchcraft shoot

We did a quick Halloween shoot in the ides of August to capture magik, witchcraft, and the supernatural. As October nears and the spirit of Halloween starts to descend upon us, there is always a huge influx of demand for photography of witchcraft and other Halloween-like imagery. That said, there is also just a general new demand for images of witches as the concept becomes ripe in popular culture again.




Upstate New York And The Beauty of the Catskills

This July we had the privilege of capturing the beauty of upstate NY, particaurly Sullivan County in the Catskills region of New York. The goal for this series was to show that only 90 minutes outside of New York City, there is a pristine kind of nature that is comparable to traditionally more exotic locations like Iceland or Hawaii.

Our photography work spanned lifestyle, aerial, and landscape and was focused on the weekend getaway spot of the Hillside Schoolhouse (pictured above). You can see the full execution of the photoshoot here.



Capturing Human Facial Expressions And Emotions

Human Emotions

In June, God & Man Studios produced two educational photography shoots. The first shoot was with model Ashley Chew and the objective of the series was to capture visual representations of the six basic emotions and facial expressions all humans, according to psychologist Paul Ekman, exhibit. These expressions are a state of happiness, disgust, anger, fear, surprise, and sadness. Often when articles talk about these six states they use stock photography or hand-drawn illustrations that don’t quite capture the full humanness of these emotive moments. Central to our mission, then, was to depict the states in a way that was entirely real and authentic. You can see the all the photo from series here, and also learn more about how human process emotions internally and externally through their facial expressions.

We also did a light-hearted shoot that illuminated the range of funny facial expressions that human face can make with model Siena Canales. View all the funny faces on Thought Catalog alongside some tongue-in-cheek copy.


Action Poses With Lule Karpuzi

On Tuesday, model Lule Karpuzi was in The God & Man Studios to create a series of action-oriented photographs. The objective of the series was to capture female strength in motion and serve as a reference material for artists looking to sketch dynamic action poses. The photographs were mostly shot at 1/1250 with 200 ISO. All the photographs from the series are available at Thought Catalog.

Action Poses

We also produced a series of zen photographs to illustrate the different meditation types. Like yoga, meditation has certain poses and stances associated with it and the goal for this project was to bring a visual language to them. You can view all the meditation photos from the series here.

Interested in learning more? You can follow Lule Karpuzi on Instagram here and if you’re interested in hiring God & Man for your visual project head to the contact section.

“Questions To Ask A Girl” With Charly Jordan

Charley Jordan has one of the fastest growing accounts on Instagram — some days she gains over 50,000 new followers per day. Charly’s fans are obsessed with  her heart, her creative spirit, and her laid-back beauty. As someone who never backs down from grabbing onto every single moment and opportunity that comes her way, Charly is the kind of role model that inspires you to live your life to the fullest, and people can’t get enough of her fun loving energy.

In partnership with H Collective, we filmed a video in the God & Man Studios with Charly to add extra life and texture to a plain text article at Thought Catalog.  It was a deconstructed set to give an airy and casual vibe. The video was not built to go viral but rather as informative add-on for a text-based article.

Follow Charly on Instagram here or explore more question content here.

“Things To Ask Alexa”

Sometimes text can be better than video because the written word is often more efficient and direct than video. This is why we text message more than we video chat; text is simply more practical. An alphabetic or textual timeline of content is much easier to digest, highlight, and reference than a video sequence where every second is made up of at least 24 different images and packed with audio. Text slows things down for us and forces visual focus.

The reference article “Funny Things To Ask Alexa” is an example of where text is supreme over video. The millions of readers on this article want commands or prompts for Alexa, and they want to view the full spectrum of questions, immediately, scanning and picking out what is most relevant for them at their own pace. So when we went about designing the visuals for the article — we worked with actors Christy Soeder and Brian Sandstrom — to not convey information, but excitement and humor about Alexa.